Job List

Shatock Hospital – 10,000 square ft. addition, and entrance canopy

Clinton Grade  School  – 8,000 square ft. to Clinton grade school

Jail-Cordell – 2,000 square ft. addition to Cordell Jail

Clinton High School–  18,000 square ft. addition to Clinton High School

Pool House Casino– RTU Framing

Jacks Pizza – Wall and addition

Sayra Hutchs  –  9,000 square ft. of new construction

Johnson Controls – Wall Panel reinforcement

Parking Canopies for Downey –  OKC Thunder parking canopie

Bureau Pharmacy OK City – 24,000 square ft of new construction-fabrication install

Bureau of Criminal Investigation – 12,000 square feet of new construction

Bureau of Investigation – Parking canopy

School for Globe – School gym and classroom addition Colidge School

Norman School  -8,000 square ft. for Adams elementary addition,

12,000 square feet forMonroe School addition, and

9,000 square ft. forEisenhower elementary addition

Pool House for Downey – OKC Thunder pool house facility

Wal Mart Market – Midwest City

Shattuck High School – New construction

EZ Go Gas Station – Lawton new construction

Tiaoso Jail – Office and cell addition

Firehouse Subs – 12,000 square ft in Norman-new construction

Fort Cobb Edition – 26,000 square ft. new addition

Marlow School – 50,000 square ft. new construction

Elk City Church – 20,000 square ft. new construction

Canute – 12,000 square ft. elementary addition

Clinton Hutchs – 11,000 square ft. new construction

Sayre Hospital – 5,000 square ft. addition

Asco Aerospace– 13,000 and 12,000 square ft. additions

OCCHD – 30,000 square ft. new construction

Pocasset gym bleacher – 4,000 square ft. addition and installation

Amber School renovation – 6,000 square ft. addition

Boeing Hanger demolition – Wichita KS

Police Station-OK City -12,000 square ft. of new construction at Will Rogers police station

Hydro Bleacher framing & classroom addition – 36,000 square ft.

Bob Mills-Entrance renovation

Merritt School– 22,000 square ft. addition

Smith Gym-Norman gym new construction

Leedy – 6,000 square ft. school addition

Asco Aerospace-Roof reinforcement, paint room and mezzanine installation,RTU replacement, and new support steel,heat treat 28,000 square ft.addition, precision rail andmonorail and overhead crane installation, column replacement, precast door installation,CNC wall installation, warehouse truss reinforcement, floor grating supply and installation, RTU framing,

Bible Binder-Smith – Condo renovation

Sharron School– 12,000 square ft. addition

Mutual School – 14,000 square ft. addition

Minco School – 60,000 square ft. addition

Fargo School – 26,000 square ft. addition

T-Mobile Platform – Installation

Moore School -L Wallace – 6500 square ft. addition

Moore High School –  12,000 square ft. saferoom

Supentene – Edmond school edition

OCCHD – 30,00 square ft. new construction

Central School – 16,000 squar ft. addition and saferoo0

Perry Lutheran Church – 36,000 new construction an classroom

Delta Gamma – 26,000 square ft. fraternity OSU

Woodward middle school – 10,000 square ft. addition, Hoarace Mann 14,000 square ft,

Cedar Heights 12,000 square ft. addition, High school 25,000 square ft. addition

Mustang Jr. ROTC – New AC facility

Uptown grocery – 70,000 new square ft. construction

Edmond Church off of Memeorial Blvd. – 1st Methodist Church Edmond 16,000 square ft.

Enid Facial Surgery Center – 12,000 square ft. new construction

Norman Animal 1 shelter – 6,000 square ft. new construction

Norman Animal 2 shelter – 5,000 square ft. new construction

Norman North Phase 2 – 25,000 square ft. new addition

Madill class room addition – 20,000 square ft. new construction

Metro Shoe-Tulsa-Norman – 20,000 square ft. new construction

Phi Gamma-Stillwater – Fraternity 18,000 square ft. new construction

Miller-Tippins – 25,000 square ft. new addition at University Park

Metro Shoe – 18,000 square ft. new construction

Expess Wellness Clinic – 4,000 square ft. new construction

Watonga School – 3,000 square ft. shelter saferoom

OCCHD Sports Complex – 700 square ft. rating installation

Bridge Creek School – 70,000 square ft. bleacher canopies ad addition

Armstrong Retail – 16,000 square ft. new addition

Norman North Phase 1 – 50,000 square ft new addition

Bridge Creek – 40000 square ft. addition and bleacher framing

Norman North Athletics – 20000 square ft. addition and canopy framing

Jenks Intermediate School – 60000 square ft. addition

Bethany High School and Middle School addition – 24000 square ft. addition

Terex – 8000 square ft. addition

Heartshome Dome – bleacher framing

Dover School – 16000 square ft. addition

Jenks High School – 32000 square ft. addition